sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

The Blog With No Name Quiz Time

Answers for Ian´s Quiz in his blog The Blog With No Name:

1. What role did Odone Dora and Carlo Grimaldi fulfil at Crecy?
No idea... (too lazy to search the web)
2. Who was Emperor when Rome successfully invaded Britain?
3. Arsuf (1191) was the main triumph of which commander in the Third Crusade?
Richard Lionheart
4. What was a cakthrop?
No idea... again.
5. What was a petronel?
A kind of firearm, like a small arquebus.
6. What was lacking in the general who reconquered Italy for the Emperor Justinian during the 6th Century?
Balls.... yes, THOSE balls.
7. What were aiguillettes?
Ribbons hanging from the shoulders.

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